The KISS Road Race Series is a community-led effort that has been hosting competitive racing events on Zwift since 2015. In addition to racing, the league organizes training and group rides for cyclists of any skill level. The league also formed its own cycling team called the KISS Racing Team, or KRT for short. Notable members of KRT were also responsible for developing the race result database, ZwiftPower. In 2018, KISS and Zwift partnered to create the KISS Super League, the first esports league to feature professional cyclists.
early sketch and final logo versions of the KISS Road Race series
The league was in need of a complete brand design including a logo, print/social media graphics and cycling kit design. Early versions of the KISS logo featured a blue badge with the original Zwift logo housed neatly at the top. Over time the badge would be phased out for a simpler look.
The KRT kit sports navy blue as the dominant colour, accented with just the right amount of orange. A strong offering that works for training and racing. 
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